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Why blame others?

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There is no one to be blamed for our failures. No one can stop or divert us from the path of growth. And we are not capable of doing anything for anyone. But we can enhance each other. Only thing we can emit from our system is energy in pure form like filters that let out only pure things -- similar to trees that absorb every kind of polluted air and emit pure oxygen.

Energy is bad when it carries things undesirable for our growth. Water in the Ganga for instance starts as a pure stream at the Gangotri, then it keeps accumulating pollutants while passing through towns and cities. Now it is upto us to drink it the way it is or filter it, boil it.

Energy is the courier and it is the mind that sends forth positivity or negativity through it. We are tuned to believe that if negativity is coming towards us we must block it. No, we do not have to block the flow of energy at any point. Mind has been given to us to convert it into something pure.

If we are getting negativity, just like a hurricane that plucks off things from the ground and sends them across up in the sky, we too can direct negativity towards the infinite so that it can be recycled into something beautiful.

Human has been given the mind to see this.

Energy coming from THE source is pure anyway, but most of us thrive on energy coming from other humans, we don’t have the habit of taking it from the pure source -- supreme source.

So how to direct or channelise this energy carrying negativity sometimes?

Best way is to remain unaffected. When we remain unaffected it automatically bypasses us and bounces off something else. Once energy is released from a source it cannot go back, it will hit against something or the other..... only make sure it is not in you. And if it comes towards you channelise it towards the infinite by manifesting it in the form of some thought or vision…go into dhyan visualise it not bothering you, touching you and the person who has sent is forth is happy too.

This way, it is channelised towards a positive thought, and reciprocal negativity is also nipped in the bud.

Since this is done in a passive, unaffected way, the resultant karma cycle is also mitigated.

Thus, closing the circle.


Satyamev jayate................Love never Fails...............Karm is Dharm................Light Liberates

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